The Green Onions Setlist

The Green Onions play a high-octane, adrenaline-pumping show that presents the best material from the original Blues Brothers movies that's jam-packed full of songs by legends such as Aretha Franklin, James Brown, Otis Redding, Ray Charles, Tina Turner, Cab Calloway – plus many other blues, soul, Motown and funk classics and a few surprises thrown in along the way. Capturing the sound, energy and persona that propelled the film to a cult status that still thrills audiences worldwide today.

The UK Blues Brothers tribute show is a musical riot, a flat out, non-stop party of the coolest, funkiest soul, blues and Motown hits performed with style, class and showmanship by our very own master bluesmen fronted by our very own Jake and Elwood.

The legend that is the Blues Brothers Jake and Elwood is redesigned for our new generation with an evolved, modernised sound and party atmosphere that’s impossible to resist. These Blues Brothers are on a mission once again – to bring the blues back into your world.

Blues Brothers Tracks

Hey Bartender

"Draw one, draw two, draw three more glasses of beer" Lyrics

Gimme some lovin'

"Well my temperature is rising got my feet on the floor" Lyrics


"That's my number, baby!" Lyrics

I ain't got you

"I got a '65 Cadillac, spare tyre on the back" Lyrics

Shake your tailfeather

"Do the mashed potato, how about the boogaloo" Lyrics

Minnie the Moocher

"Hi De Hi De Hi De Hi" Lyrics

Everybody needs somebody

"I Need you, you, you" Lyrics

Jailhouse rock

"Everybody on the whole cell block" Lyrics


"I learned how to love before I could eat" Lyrics

Shotgun blues

"Gonna take a shotgun baby, and disconnect my brain" Lyrics

She caught the Katy

"Crazy 'bout her, that hard headed woman of mine" Lyrics

Who's making love

" your old lady, while you were out making love" Lyrics

Flip Flop Fly

"Don't ever leave me, don't ever say goodbye" Lyrics

Green Onions Showstoppers

Hold on, I'm coming

"Call my name, oh, call my name yeah for quick reaction" Lyrics

Papa's got a brand new bag

"He ain't no drag" Lyrics

Folsom Prison blues

"I Hear that train a-coming, it's coming round the bend" Lyrics

Bad moon rising

"Don't go around tonight, Well, it's bound to take your life," Lyrics

Sweet soul music

"Do you like good music?" Lyrics

Hard to handle

"Come on now baby let me light your candle" Lyrics

Knock on wood

"It's like thunder and lightning, The way you love me is frightening" Lyrics

Play that funky music

"Lay down and boogie and play that funky music 'till you die" Lyrics

Mustang Sally

"All you wanna do is ride around, Sally" Lyrics