Frequently asked questions

As the UK's finest Blues Brothers tribute band, we are always in constant demand for shows across the UK. Below are some of the questions we are most commonly asked from people wanting to have us play their event. We can't answer everything here on the website, but the basics are here, and please get in touch if there's anything else you need..

Q. How long does your show last for?
A. Our standard rock, blues and rhythm & blues revue lasts for 2 and a half hours from start to finish, performed as 1 hour first set, a 20 minute break and then an a 1 hour second set plus encores. We mix soulful classics with hard hitting numbers with a time-perfected set that soothes and moves. If it suits your event more, we also have either a 60 minute or 90 minute Greatest Hits set, smashing out the classics leaving other in our wake.

Q. How much do you cost to hire?
A. This is the proverbial "how long is a piece of string" question! Every gig is different, and we will happily supply a quote individually. Pricing is worked out through many factors, including distance we need to travel, whether an overnight stay is required, whether you have a "DJ / Disco" at your event or would require us to supply music for the duration of it (or whether we could utilise the disco's lighting rig) and even what day of the week the event is on. Please Contact Us and we will get straight back to you with an accurate quote.

Q. What do you need us (the client) to supply?
A. Equipment wise, we are fully self sufficient and supply everything we need to perform with regards to the sound. We will always need a secure changing room. The stage area, ideally, should be a minimum of 4 metres wide by 3 meters deep to give us room to perform, although the more space we have the better the show will be both visually and audibly. By the same standards we can work in a smaller space (to an extent!), though it does often restrict the dance routines and therefore the show as a whole.

Q. So you have your own PA then?
Yes, we are fully equipped with a large PA to cater for venues up to around 4-500 people, depending on layout. We also supply our own sound engineer. All of our equipment is PAT tested annually.

Q. Do you supply a disco too?
A. We are happy to run 'disco' style music, usually comprising predominantly of classic songs from the 60's, 70's and 80's before the show, during the break and after the show finishes for around half an hour (while we get changed etc) at no extra cost. We can, if you wish, also stay and continue playing recorded music to the end of your event, this will be general classic pop music too. Please consider when booking whether you need a seperate DJ. If you are looking to save some money, our choice of music is usually in keeping with your event and most clients are very happy with the music we play to fill the evening out and much cheaper than hiring a DJ seperately. Many events will see us running background music before the show, then we perform the show itself, followed by usually not more than an hour of disco music afterwards. If you want more than this, we strongly recommend you hire a DJ independently. Use the Contact Page to specify your exact needs and we can advise you on the best route for your event.

Q. Does Green Onions promote the show for us?
A. We promote all our PUBLIC performances of the show by advertising it on our own website, as well as our Facebook, Twitter page and other music media sources, though we always recommend that the venue also uses their own advertising methods to get the people in. We will not advertise private hire functions or events to protect your confidentiality.

Q. How far will you travel?
A. The simple answer is as far as we can afford to! Obviously further distances means higher expenses (we are based in Oxfordshire, England) but if these are covered sufficiently then the answer is quite literally anywhere!

Q. Can you play outdoors?
Yes we can. As long as we have a hard standing area for the equipment we are almost able to play anywhere. We will require a power supply at the stage area, and the with amout of equipment we use this will usually be 8 sockets. We can supply a 6 or 9 metre gazebo to protect us from the elements in case of a shower, but will generally not rely on this to play during the rain. It may be required to see the venue and stage area before this type of booking is accepted, please Contact us for more information.

Q. We'd like other bands to play too, is that possible?
With our 2 and a half hour set it is not usually necessary to hire other bands, but we are able to work with them if you require. As we have many members in the Green Onions it is usually the case that we need to use our own PA system as many cannot handle the size of the group, but our sound engineer is able to run our PA system for your other bands too. Please Contact us and ask how we can run your complete live music event.